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What if I told you finding your WHY was the key to achieving all your goals in 2020?

We derive happiness from what we do, but true fulfillment comes from why we do it. Simon Sinek’s team said it best when they wrote “Fulfillment is deeper. Fulfillment lasts. The difference between happiness and fulfillment is the difference between liking something and loving something.” The challenge with finding your why is you cannot predict how long it will take. But once you define it then the magic starts. Your why is the belief and purpose that sets you apart from the rest. When your why is strong it also inspires others to act. I consider cultivating your why as a form of building down before you build up towards the goal you want to achieve. If you don’t build a foundation first you won’t have the roots to withstand the beautiful chaos that comes with working towards achieving big goals. You must have a firm why to move from a space that produces you to a space that produces change in you.

In more recent years I have taken more time to reflect on why I do what I do. It hasn’t been easy to articulate because it’s more of a driving feeling. But I have come to understand a vision is only actionable if you put it into words. I do what I do in hopes that the next person will have the courage to do more and together we can leave things better than we found them. This concept has started to cascade over everything I do and add an additional layer of passion that helps me withstand the challenges that come with effecting change. Change in my body, in my mind, in my heart and the goals I strive towards as well is the people I strive to support.  

Have you defined your why? In what way is 2020 personal for you?

The easiest way to get started with defining your why is to pick up Simon Sinek’s book Find Your Why. He talks about finding your why and communicating your purpose through a Why statement. He suggests that this statement should be:

·      Simple and clear

·      Actionable

·      Focused on how you’ll contribute to others

·      Expressed in affirmative language that resonates with you

Simon and his co-authors provide a simple single sentence format to utilize when drafting your why statement:

TO___ SO THAT____.

The first blank represents your contribution and the second blank represent the impact of your contribution. Plug in the blanks and create your own unique why statement.

My why statement is: To empower others to reach for goals that might scare them so that together we can leave this world better than we found it.

What’s your why statement? Share it below!



Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, David Mead and Peter Docker


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