On-The-Go Breakfast Smoothie

They say weight loss is really 70% diet and 30% exercise.

Training requires a certain level of attention to detail when it comes to nutrition. But let’s be real who has time to meal prep every day? I certainly do not! One of my favorite new time saving ticks is freezing my morning smoothies in individual mason jars for every day of the week. A pack of 12 8 oz mason jars are dirt cheap on amazon and make the perfect portion size for smoothies that you can pair with a slice of Ezekiel raison toast and jam. Just pull the jar out of the freezer before you head out for a morning workout and it will be ready to drink by the time you’re done. Here’s the smoothie recipe I’m all about lately:

Breakfast Smoothie

Serving size about 2 ½ 8 oz jars

      ·   1 cup of almond milk

     ·     4 medium strawberries

       ·    I handful of baby spinach·     

      ·    2 scoops of your favorite superfood protein powder

    ·      ½ cup of ice

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