Hip Flexor Exercises

Real talk my knee drive during acceleration has been NONEXISTENT since transitioning from distance to sprinting. Hip flexors, among other things, can make the difference when it comes to tapping into that “extra gear” during acceleration.  Knowing this my coach had me doing hanging knee raises, cable knee drives and marching my little heart out. Last week all that hard work started to show up in my accelerations! So, if you sprint, jump or kick, hip flexor exercises would be a great addition to training program. Try throwing this into your workout routine over the next 3 weeks:



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

1 Arm Waiters March

3×15 yds

3×20 yds

3×25 yds

Alt Hanging Knee Raise

3×10 each

3×12 each

3×14 each

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