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Achieving Goals Requires A Support System

If you want to go fast, go alone; But if you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

Fitness quotes about falling in love with the process are readily available on pretty much any wellness motivation account you visit. But are we really in love with the process? Do we mind not eating pizza to meet weight goals? Do we love not being able to walk after a heavy leg day? Personally, it wasn’t something I completely believed, until my hamstring started acting up about a month ago.  At first, my internal chatter was a steady hum about blocked goals and self-doubt. But then I started to celebrate the little wins and pay closer attention to the people who play a supporting role in reaching my goals.

Having the right people strategically placed in your life can make pushing through setbacks easier and life more enjoyable. So, what do these supporting roles look like? How do we ensure having the right people on the bus? Here are some of the support roles that are critical when reaching toward big goals:

  • The Expert – We need to continually seek out those who have experience or best practices around the challenges we’re facing. Maintaining a “beginner’s mindset” creates an openness to learning and with it, your success.
  • The Mirror – These are people who hold up the proverbial mirror, keep us accountable, offer feedback, and help identify blind spots. They shoot straight and open our eyes to things that are blocking our goals.
  • The Achiever – This is the person who we identify as a benchmark for success. They may have experienced failure, but they persevered to become an inspiration.
  • The Anchor – An individual in your life who feels like home. Someone who listens to your ideas, thoughts and observations without passing judgment. They are grounded, trusted and reliable and a guiding force.

The beauty in identifying who plays, or could potentially play these roles in your life, brings a higher level of consciousness and appreciation for those around you. You also may become more aware of your role in supporting others. So, in facing your next big goal, make sure to have your key supporters in place, because it truly takes a village to achieve great things.

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