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I realized my page is full of fitness activities when the reality is I spend a good chunk of my day living the corporate life. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel glamorous when I’m in the office or it’s just horrible lighting for a photo op. But I’m passionate about what my team does for our clients and how we promote each other’s growth. Of course, I have days where I’m over it and I wish Nike would just sponsor me already but I don’t quit.


I think one of the things college sports gave me is this “No quit… Make it your own” mentality. It gave me firsthand experience in how to create a niche within a team and showed me that hard work pays off. This was a really important lesson to have in my bag of tricks when I graduated because it took me a few years to find a good position. I withstood a lot rejection, had to look past job descriptions and worked long hours to get to the place I am now. That is 8 solid years in the trenches!!!


I tell you this because I think 9 to 5 jobs get a bad rap sometimes. I’m a strong believer that you’re not chained to a job description or schedule if you play it right. After 8 years of putting in the work, looking for opportunities and pushing against the boundaries of job titles I’m in “that place”. What I mean is I can say I helped staff an amazing team from a support staff title and I have the ability to adjust my work schedule because I’ve shown I’m valuable whatever hours I work and I really get to help people with challenging problems almost every day. So whatever job you pursue or passion project you embark on don’t quite when it’s not the right fit. Stay in the trenches, look for opportunities to make it your own and keep the faith… You just might look up a few years later and have everything you dreamed.

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