The Journey

Things I Will Keep Post Pandemic

As Atlanta begins to open back up I find myself reflecting on my quarantine experience. Not every day was cheerful, but it did have moments of profound joy and peace. This time left me grounded, more aware of how God built me and game for whatever comes next. Three things that helped me level up during quarantine were:

  1. Getting Quiet

The lock down due to the pandemic canceled my 2020 plans and left me isolated. With less noise and daily distractions, it created a space where I was forced to sit with my thoughts, failures, hopes, fears, and longings. After the initial panic subsided, changes in my thought process began stemming from the silent reflection and journaling that became a part of my daily routine. These quiet moments helped me gain perspective, become a bit more emotionally resilient and empathetic to others.

  1. Getting Back to The Basics

During quarantine, the city rush wound down and nature ramped up. Restaurants closed, sports were cancelled and cars were parked collecting dust. But nature remained active with the seasons change and animals talking amongst themselves (maybe about where the heck we went). My weeks were filled with mountain hikes, condo workouts, baking, naps and long phone calls. During the evening, my patio became a sanctuary where listening to the bird’s chirp and my neighbor play the piano, slowing down brought joy to the simplicity of life. Instead of being depleted, I felt well rested and deeply connected with those close to me.

  1. The Thirst to Learn

With all the information we have at our finger tips it isn’t hard to find a “how to” article, blog post or tutorial on pretty much anything. The real challenge is diving deeper into a new skill, then figuring out how to benefit from the development. Being locked in the condo made me look for opportunities to keep my mind engaged and stay active. I learned how refurbish my baseboards, install a lighting fixture, develop my own fitness routines and picked up the manual for the camera I purchased in 2019. Although I still prefer handing most of my programing over to a trainer, I intend to stay curious! Expanding your knowledge base is a requirement to stay relevant at the office, but it also increases your adaptability and likeability (Do you like me more yet?).

The most important things in life aren’t things… It’s your experiences, pure emotions and connections to people as well as your purpose. What will you carry forward from quarantine?


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