The Journey

When Racing Became Virtual

It’s August and my first outdoor track season should have ended in July but here we are just getting started. When Atlanta went into quarantine for “Rona” the whole world changed and staying mentally healthy took priority over competition. As everyone adjusted to the new normal gyms opened up and I started training again… I didn’t know exactly what for but trained non the less.

Flipping through the USATF track meet listings I stumbled upon the Masters Virtual Summer Challenge. Toyota presented this challenge to help athletes have some sense of normalcy in the midst of the pandemic. I registered for the 200 meters with no idea how it all worked but a willingness to try. The event was coordinated through and results were due between August 3rd and August 17th. Two of my friends gathered to hype me up and record results of the epic show down of “me versus me”. It seemed like such a silly thing but after crossing the finish line I couldn’t stop smiling. We all need a little competition and time outside with people who care!

Submitting my results and video proof through a post on meant everyone competing could see the proof of results. It was hard not to notice how many other people were competing virtually. The community was real and everyone had a unique way of participating. So, I rate my first virtual race as a success and definitely recommended searching the database of races on to join the fun. Just remember if you don’t use it you lose it!

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