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5 Ways to Go Green on a Budget

Let’s face it global warming is a “thing” and we need to be better stewards with what we’re given. If finding eco-friendly alternatives doesn’t get you excited maybe the cost cutting component will. Here are some budget friendly, easy, green choices you can make at home.

  1. Put a stop to unsolicited mail by signing up to opt out of pre-screened credit card offers
  2. Switch your cleaning supplies to Blueland and a bottle once to refill for life
  3. Oder a hydroponic garden so you can grow your herbs and veggies inhouse year-round
  4. Taking a reusable straw with you everywhere to help curb straw manufacturing pollution
  5. Finish up the last of your disposable cotton pads and switch to reusable makeup removing pads

I’ve tried the above items but there is way more ways to go green so do your research and have some fun with becoming eco-friendlier!  


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