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Since March 2020, I have been working remotely from my condo. Though, I am thankful to have a job during the pandemic, my work hours have been trending up to 60 or 70 each week. Personally, I tend to be a little of a “workaholic” but having my office a few steps away from my bed made things worse. At first, there was a pride in the things I could accomplish in this new environment, but soon felt the side effects of living an unbalanced life. We all know what that can look like for ourselves…

My telltale signs include losing keys, getting flaky about social events, snapping on even the littlest things, and eating my feelings (x3000). Last month, I picked up the book the Happiness Project which walks you through how to live a more fulfilling life. This process begins with writing down a list of things that bring you joy, besides accolades at work. One of the things my list included was new experiences, which we all know has been hard in this more isolated time. So, my goal now is to look for unique experiences and this blog will be my way of tracking those new but ‘safe’ adventures.

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Experience # 1 – Stay @ a Treehouse

The first experience that excited me, and didn’t require a flight, was a treehouse excursion. Atlanta actually has a bunch of treehouses available for a staycation,  that will feel a world away from the day-to-day. I’ve always bookmarked unique Airbnb listings, but this time I hit “reserve now versus save for later”.  Pulling the trigger on an Atlanta treehouse called Archimedes’ Nest at the Emu Ranch just seemed the right move. This rental property is tucked into East Atlanta Village and boasted a full list of things to explore on and around the property. The host Barry thought of everything from an arrival care package, top local restaurant choices, onsite wine for purchase, high-end cooking supplies, an obscene number of birds to fair trail property he has cultivated for 26 years.

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Touring the property, I met a friendly emu named Faya, sang the Elmo song/danced with a few colorful birds, and took in all the detail the well-maintained grounds had to offer. Later a friend arrived to share a beautiful meal with the property’s personally curated light show visible from the balcony. Although walking up the tree house’s spiral staircase after a few glasses of wine might have had its own challenges but turning in for the night was easy with the amazing bed at the top of the treehouse calling my name. I woke the next morning to a quiet moment and coffee with the on-property peacocks. If you’re looking for a special place in Atlanta to spend a day or two I would definitely recommend booking some time at Archimedes’ Nest or any of the other local treehouses. If my brief synopsis doesn’t convince you maybe the pictures will. One experience checked off my list and I’m on to the next as I move through my version of the Happiness Project.

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