Amanda Lewis is a seasoned runner and a self-improvement fanatic who calls Atlanta Georgia, home. She created Racing Pretty, to foster community amongst individuals that want to develop a wellness routine that leaves them happy, healthy and in love with who they are becoming.

Amanda’s journey towards making this blog began after college as she transitioned from the collegiate lifestyle to a corporate desk job. Adulting appeared to consist of long hours at the office, working lunches and endless happy hours. She picked up some extra weight and longed for the things her college athletic lifestyle used to provide. It seemed this version of “adulting” lacked the things that brought her such joy in her colligate life. But why? Why do we as adults give up our hobbies and team sports?

In 2016 she officially decided she wanted to live the life of a corporate athlete. This meant “moving” like an elite athlete inside and outside of the office. She signed up for a trail race and set up a daily routine that began to allow her to let the beauty of what she loved be what she did. Today she is an integral part of a wealth management team and has competed at a high level in track & field, obstacle course racing, trail running and is officially making her way back to the track. This journey allowed her to explore all realms of wellness and this blog is a platform to share life hacks, recipes, workouts, and her journey.