Warm-Up Exercises

I have always warmed up before hitting the weights or track but since my recent injury warm-ups have reached a new level. I understand that it is important to increase…

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Hip Flexor Exercises

https://vimeo.com/382814884 Real talk my knee drive during acceleration has been NONEXISTENT since transitioning from distance to sprinting. Hip flexors, among other things, can make the difference when it comes to…

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Hill Sprints

Grass Hill Sprints have become a staple in my programing no matter what phase I’m cycling through. The benefits include an increase in running economy, promotion of better sprinting mechanics,…

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Nordic Hamstring Curls

https://vimeo.com/373950923 Did you participate Nordic November? The Nordic Hamstring Curl is an eccentric movement that increases strength and alters the architecture of the muscle. This results in the hamstring being…

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